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I have always been a private person, and mostly a quiet person.  But now that I’m retired, I look back and realize I have a lot of experiences that may help others experiencing similar challenges. So, I decided to start a blog.

Our youngest son had more challenges than just being Deaf. He was a special needs Deaf child and today is a special needs Deaf man. I’ll be sharing some of our experiences meeting these challenges, some successes and some mistakes.

Today our youngest son is a happy, healthy and wonderful adult. He is independent in many ways.  So despite the (past and ongoing) challenges and mistakes, he is doing great! 

I’ll also be talking about the 2 Apps I developed:  “SignCueQuest, The ASL Adventure Game”  and  “CueQuest, The Cued Speech Adventure Game”.  These games are a fun way to practice American Sign Language and/or Cued Speech.  You pick the level you want for the game: Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced. Then for SignCueQuest you pick what you want to practice: Signing, Cueing and/or Fingerspelling.  (The CueQuest game only gives practice for Cued Speech). Then you pick your avatar, the avatar’s clothes, and start exploring the land.  The handy scroll shows which mini-quests have been accomplished, and the handy map shows lands you visited so far and allows teleporting back to them.

Both the games are available to download for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, Mac and Windows computer. The App Store links to the games can be found at the bottom of the page.

I also have two YouTube channels, ASL Word of the Day and  Cued Speech Word of the Day, where I make videos for people interested in expanding their ASL and/or Cueing vocabularies.

I’d love to hear if you have a suggestion about features that you’d like me to add or any general feedback. You can message me using the Contact link shown at the top.

So join me in having fun with your own own ASL and Cued Speech Adventures!

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SignCueQuest, The ASL Adventure Game

CueQuest, The Cued Speech Adventure Game