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In this Blog I will be talking about some of my life experiences, love of my family, my excitement and adventures with ASL and Cued Speech, Raising our Deaf son, lessons I’ve learned and mistakes I’ve made.

I’ll tell you about developing my two game apps, SignCueQuest and CueQuest, to help folks practice ASL and Cued Speech, and how I am doing “Word Of The Day” YouTube videos for ASL and Cued Speech.

I’ll be posting a new blog post every Friday.

Blog Post # 31: Suicide! In Memory of My Great-niece Mia

Why do people self destruct? My great-niece Mia was beautiful, talented, kind, generous and smart. Last week she committed suicide.  She was 22 years old. Why do people self destruct?  Grief? Rage? Depression? Stress? Brain damage? Anxiety? No more optimism? No more hope? To end unbearable pain? Mental illness? Whatever the reasons, my family hasContinue reading “Blog Post # 31: Suicide! In Memory of My Great-niece Mia”

Blog Post # 25: Adventures Wandering The Streets Of Romania

Still in Romania, Part 2/2 Today’s post continues last Friday’s telling of the adventures we had in Romania after I took Alexandru out of the orphanage.   Everyday, around 3:15 pm, lovely, haunting music played somewhere outside of the apartment. It was the same tune, every day.  I couldn’t find where it was coming from,Continue reading “Blog Post # 25: Adventures Wandering The Streets Of Romania”

Blog Post # 24: Still in Romania: Museums, Metallurgy and Dracula’s Umbrellas

Still in Romania, Part 1/2 Once I had taken our son out of the orphanage, we still couldn’t go home. We had to wait a couple of weeks for the last things to be done, like getting him a passport and getting some final paperwork through the system. So during those two weeks we livedContinue reading “Blog Post # 24: Still in Romania: Museums, Metallurgy and Dracula’s Umbrellas”


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