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In this Blog I will be talking about some of my life experiences, love of my family, my excitement and adventures with ASL and Cued Speech, Raising our Deaf son, lessons I’ve learned and mistakes I’ve made.

I’ll tell you about developing my two game apps, SignCueQuest and CueQuest, to help folks practice ASL and Cued Speech, and how I am doing “Word Of The Day” YouTube videos for ASL and Cued Speech.

I’ll be posting a new blog post every Friday.

Blog Post # 13: Family Stories — Grandma Hall Falls In Love At Age 74

Frankie Ruth Haswell Hall Grandma Hall was my Mother’s mother.   At age 74 she fell in love with Peter Doke, a man she went to high school with in Garfield, Arkansas.  He always lived in the country, on a farm. She always lived in a city. They hadn’t seen or communicated with each otherContinue reading “Blog Post # 13: Family Stories — Grandma Hall Falls In Love At Age 74”


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