Blog Post # 57: Signs and Cues Live!

I have exciting news!

I’ve been working for TWO YEARS on a sign language and Cued Speech dictionary app. This week, I launched it. FiNALLY! 

You can find it in the iPad and iPhone App Store, under the name “Signs and Cues”.

It’s actually 3 dictionaries in the one app: Sign Language, Cued Speech, and Fingerspelling.

It’s database includes the videos from four of my projects:

To see the sign associated with a given word, you can enter that word into a search box, or choose your word from a scrolling menu. Clicking on the menu then plays a video of an actual person (no animation) signing that word. Below each word is a listing of any related words that use the same or nearly identical sign. So you might go in looking for a single word to sign, and discover that you will now know how to sign several!

My YouTube “Word of the Day” videos (either ASL or Cued Speech) go into greater detail. For example, I show when there are multiple ways to sign a single word, depending upon its context. I also include receptive practice. 

Not every word used in my Adventure games has a corresponding “Word of the Day” video — yet. But hundreds do, and each of those are yellow tabbed in the scrolling menu. Wherever you see a yellow tab, simply click a “more” button to show the You Tube explanation and practice video. I’ve included a speed control bar, so you can play the explanation faster or slower to match your current skill level.

This first version includes about 2000 Sign Language entries, and about 1000 Cued Speech. The dictionary will keep growing as more Word Of The Day videos are done and more words added for the adventure games.

The app includes all 3 dictionaries for $4.95. Unlike many other apps, that is a one-time cost — meaning there will be no ads ever, no in-game purchases, and no subscription fee. Future upgrades of the software, as well as new releases adding words and  receptive practices and explanations will be free.

I’m so excited I can finally show everyone what I have been working so hard on for the last two years. Please check out my new app on your iPhone or iPad and let me know what you think. I’m working now on getting it published to the Mac and Windows app stores.

LESSON LEARNED: The longest journey DOES begin with a single step. Amazing that a single video of Alexandru signing a single word has now turned into two games, two You Tube channels, and thousands of videos, with a multitude of signers.

LESSON LEARNED: When you think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, don’t quit eating. Try smaller bites.

LESSON LEARNED: There are days on your journey you will wonder if you are going nowhere. Take a moment to look back and be amazed how far you’ve come. 

Games and YouTube Videos

Here are the links to my signing and cueing YouTube “Word Of The Day” channels. I post a new word every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check it out and I would love to know what you think of them!

YouTube ASL Word Of The Day

YouTube Cued Speech Word Of The Day

Also, Check out my Adventure Games in the App Stores

Please join me for my new blog posts each Friday.  Have fun with your ASL and/or Cued Speech Adventures!

Published by Donna Gateley

Developer of SignCueQuest and CueQuest

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