Blog Post # 15: Love Poems and Signing Slips — The Sequel

Followups to Blog Posts 13 and 14

Followup to Post 13: Family Stories — Grandma Hall Falls In Love At Age 74

In Blog Post 13 I told the story of my Grandma Hall falling in Love with Peter Doke at age 74.  I told how she and Peter both loved writing poetry.

Well, after posting that story, my sister Deborah sent me a copy of the poem my Grandma wrote about her wedding night — truly a family treasure!  It’s not very romantic, but here it is in all its gory glory:

Grandma Hall’s Wedding Night with Peter Doke Poem

I’m going to tell you about a groom

Who left his bride to shoot a coon.

Not only one but there were three

Six eyes shining in a tree

This is not all of the story —

It is terrible — awful gory

The Bride felt like a poor old hag.

Mopped up blood with a dirty rag.

Sure it happened just this way

But she’ll love him every day.

Followup to Post # 14: ASL — My ASL Bloopers, Crashing But Learning

After posting “My ASL Bloopers” I was asked exactly how the blooper words were signed, and how they should have been signed.  So I made a video demonstrating how to sign these pairs of words that confused me. Click here for the Video demonstrating the correct way to sign word pairs, and the trouble they can cause if mixed up.

Hay  vs  Salad

Horse vs Rabbit

Cell Phone vs Period

Follow vs Chase

Sin vs Spaghetti

LESSON LEARNED:  Wedding nights are unpredictable, whether you’re 18 or 74!

LESSON LEARNED:  Poetry can be a treasure for family descendants.

LESSON LEARNED:  Remember: Whether saying, singing or signing, pay attention to your words, lest humiliation (or worse) awaits.

LESSON LEARNED: Life’s stumbles at the time may bring pain; but helping others learn from your mistakes turns that pain into gain.

Here are the links to my signing and cueing YouTube “Word Of The Day” channels. I post a new word every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check it out and I would love to know what you think of them!

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Please join me for my new blog posts each Friday.  Have fun with your ASL and/or Cued Speech Adventures!

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2 thoughts on “Blog Post # 15: Love Poems and Signing Slips — The Sequel

  1. Your mom must have had that copy of the poem years ago because I remember her letting me read it and her telling me the story of their wedding night. I really enjoy reading your blog. Marsha

    Liked by 1 person

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