Blog Post # 57: Signs and Cues Live!

I have exciting news! I’ve been working for TWO YEARS on a sign language and Cued Speech dictionary app. This week, I launched it. FiNALLY!  You can find it in the iPad and iPhone App Store, under the name “Signs and Cues”. It’s actually 3 dictionaries in the one app: Sign Language, Cued Speech, andContinue reading “Blog Post # 57: Signs and Cues Live!”

Blog Post # 49: Raising Alexandru, Part 5

“Independent Alexandru”: Childhood Weaknesses In my last post I talked about Alexandru’s childhood strengths. (Blog Post # 48:  Raising Alexandru, Part 4 ).  But as you might expect, there were also weaknesses. I was always trying to figure out ways to help him balance the two, using his strengths to develop his weak areas.  ForContinue reading “Blog Post # 49: Raising Alexandru, Part 5”

Blog Post # 44: Raising Alexandru, Part 1

Challenges and Different Abilities Ever since I first met our son Alexandru, 23 and a half years ago, when he was almost 4 years old, the word “challenges” has become a frequently used word in my vocabulary. I also frequently hear the word “disability” but I prefer to say “different ability”. As I recounted inContinue reading “Blog Post # 44: Raising Alexandru, Part 1”

Blog Post # 27: Miracles and Angels

Rescued by an Angel in a Police Uniform I had worked all day, then picked up my Deaf son (about 8 years old at the time) from his school bus.  I was exhausted, but needed to stop at the grocery on the way home. As we exited the store, a stranger was evidently waiting forContinue reading “Blog Post # 27: Miracles and Angels”

Blog Post # 15: Love Poems and Signing Slips — The Sequel

Followups to Blog Posts 13 and 14 Followup to Post 13: Family Stories — Grandma Hall Falls In Love At Age 74 In Blog Post 13 I told the story of my Grandma Hall falling in Love with Peter Doke at age 74.  I told how she and Peter both loved writing poetry. Well, afterContinue reading “Blog Post # 15: Love Poems and Signing Slips — The Sequel”

Blog Post # 14: ASL — My ASL Bloopers

ASL: Crashing but Learning I want to tell you about a few embarrassing American Sign Language (ASL) bloopers I have made in my life.  At least they were embarrassing for me; they proved highly entertaining for the Deaf folks who were watching! Each case involved a pair of words, the appropriate word and the wrongContinue reading “Blog Post # 14: ASL — My ASL Bloopers”

Blog Post # 10: Mom And Interrupters

My Mom and I regularly wrote emails back and forth, beginning with Compuserve many years ago. We later moved on to AOL.  When we adopted a deaf child, Mom learned sign language with no hesitation, so she could come into his world.  And she loved watching interpreters, or, as she called them, “interrupters”. I knowContinue reading “Blog Post # 10: Mom And Interrupters”