Blog Post # 19: Fish Fry Danger

Narrow Escape

I was working as receptionist at a car dealership in Gainesville while putting myself through college. 

One Friday a cute guy in used car detailing asked me to his country home where his neighbor was doing a fish fry that evening. Sounded fun! I went, and enjoyed it, but drank too much. At the end of the evening I didn’t want to drive, and the cute guy said I could sleep on his couch. He lived in a mobile home, and the couch was close to the front door. 

As I was falling asleep there was banging on the front door. I pretended to be asleep while cute guy answered the door. I heard the guy outside say “I know you are getting some in there, it is time to share, let me come join the fun.” Cute guy told him no, it is not like that, but the drunk visitor kept insisting. I was scared out of my wits, so continued to pretend to be asleep. Cute guy said to drunk visitor, “Hang on a second” and ducked back inside, picked up a RIFLE and went back out. Then cute guy showed the rifle to the visitor and started explaining how he liked this gun, and started describing each part of the gun, just showing the drunk visitor how the gun worked, talking in a calm, reasonable manner, like two guys admiring a gun. After just a couple of minutes of this, drunk guy said “I have to go” and left. 

My blood was racing I was so scared, but I didn’t know what to do so I continued to pretend to sleep. I was so relieved when drunk guy left, and I was thinking what a genius Cute Guy was. Next morning, neither one of us mentioned it, and I went back home, safe and sound. 

LESSON LEARNED:  Always have a ride arranged to take me home after a party in case I have been  drinking. If not, then don’t drink so I can drive myself home. 

LESSON LEARNED: You don’t fight fire with more hot fire; you fight fire with cool water (or, cool baking soda if it is an electric stove fire). When confronting belligerence, a calm, cool, quiet message can be far more powerful than a rough, heated, shouted one.

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