Blog Post # 53: Family Sayins’ I Grew Up With

I just sent a sympathy card to a friend. The heart-felt words suggested were “Memory of those we love stays in our hearts forever.” So true! I have lots of memories of those I love that are now in heaven.  One way I remember them is when some situation leads me to hear one ofContinue reading “Blog Post # 53: Family Sayins’ I Grew Up With”

Blog Post # 52: Road Rage!

In preparation for relating the following story, I asked the two people who know me better than anyone to describe my character. Among the many attributes my husband listed were such terms as “Soft-hearted, mild, loyal, smart, stubborn, focused, creature of habit”. My sister Deb’s thoughts, while including a few of those negatives only aContinue reading “Blog Post # 52: Road Rage!”

Blog Post # 51: Look Back and Laugh

Some memories may certainly be difficult or painful. Isn’t it great that they can often be balanced with those that only bring a smile, if not outright laughter!  Here are a couple of mine that definitely fit the latter category.     Squash Salad One summer while I was in college, my little sister ElizabethContinue reading “Blog Post # 51: Look Back and Laugh”

Blog Post # 50: Embarrassing Moments

Awkward Teenage Years I was 17, and had only started dating a few weeks before. I was holding hands with my date, and thought it would be romantic to kiss his hand. So I lifted his hand to my mouth and proceeded to plant a big kiss on my own hand! I was so discombobulatedContinue reading “Blog Post # 50: Embarrassing Moments”

Blog Post # 48: Raising Alexandru, Part 4

“Independent Alexandru”: Childhood Strengths Our goal has always been to help Alexandru be as independent as possible. Despite his multiple challenges, as a child, he showed many behaviors that showed promise of acting independently. For example, it seemed he had no trouble communicating basic needs non-verbally when he was sufficiently motivated, as in the followingContinue reading “Blog Post # 48: Raising Alexandru, Part 4”

Blog Post # 47: Raising Alexandru, Part 3

As I wrote about in my previous “Raising Alexandru” posts, Part 1 and Part 2, mothering a multiple-challenged child comes with a multitude of hurdles, sometimes with a simultaneous moment of humor. There were also times of breakthrough worthy of celebration. Here are a few more of each. Cows are cool! Puppies, not so much.Continue reading “Blog Post # 47: Raising Alexandru, Part 3”

Blog Post # 46: Raising Alexandru, Part 2

In Blog Post # 44:  Raising Alexandru, Part 1, I related several of our adventures while raising Alexandru, starting with bringing him home from the orphanage. During that time we were constantly learning more about him, including a diagnosis of Autism and ADD and the challenges and behaviors that often accompany those parts of hisContinue reading “Blog Post # 46: Raising Alexandru, Part 2”

Blog Post # 45: Disowned!! An Unexpected Postscript

Karla’s story  I talked about my Dad giving me the “Disowned” treatment in my blog post a couple of Fridays ago in  Blog Post # 43:  Disowned!!!  To recap, I had skipped school, he got mad and for a month wouldn’t speak to me and pretended I didn’t exist. I couldn’t take it anymore andContinue reading “Blog Post # 45: Disowned!! An Unexpected Postscript”

Blog Post # 44: Raising Alexandru, Part 1

Challenges and Different Abilities Ever since I first met our son Alexandru, 23 and a half years ago, when he was almost 4 years old, the word “challenges” has become a frequently used word in my vocabulary. I also frequently hear the word “disability” but I prefer to say “different ability”. As I recounted inContinue reading “Blog Post # 44: Raising Alexandru, Part 1”

Blog Post # 43: Disowned!!!

Rejected By a Loved One Since when has “ghosting” become a thing? Isn’t it interesting as to exactly which folks we are willing to give  the benefit of the doubt and which not?  When you like someone, and they say or do something stupid, your reaction is to take the words or action in theContinue reading “Blog Post # 43: Disowned!!!”