Blog Post # 11: Sending My Child To School Naked

Challenges with our special needs deaf son Here is the story of how one day I sent our son to preschool naked.   When our special needs son was young it was very hard to get him to do certain things. My overall goal was to get him to cooperate with daily activities. He wasContinue reading “Blog Post # 11: Sending My Child To School Naked”

Blog Post # 8: Narrow Escape: Copperhead!

My husband and I were living in a ranger cabin in the middle of a national forest, doing biological research. One day he caught a copperhead snake. We promptly put it in the tall garbage can, with no lid, because, as everyone knows, poisonous snakes don’t have strong muscles. This is because poisonous snakes useContinue reading “Blog Post # 8: Narrow Escape: Copperhead!”