Blog Post # 52: Road Rage!

In preparation for relating the following story, I asked the two people who know me better than anyone to describe my character. Among the many attributes my husband listed were such terms as “Soft-hearted, mild, loyal, smart, stubborn, focused, creature of habit”. My sister Deb’s thoughts, while including a few of those negatives only aContinue reading “Blog Post # 52: Road Rage!”

Blog Post # 17: Icy Nebraska and Wild Rides

Narrow Escape In the winter of 2004 my sister Deb, my then 10 year old son Alexandru, Alexandru’s Lego Space Shuttle, Mom’s cat Felix, and  I  were driving to Utah in a 20 foot U-Haul. The cab seemed very small as we were crammed in shoulder to shoulder. We had left Orlando with my Mom’sContinue reading “Blog Post # 17: Icy Nebraska and Wild Rides”

Blog Post # 12: Narrow Escape: Dangerous Driving

Narrow Escapes I’ve Had In My Life It was late evening. I was driving home to Tallahassee from Atlanta, Georgia, after attending a 2 day computer training seminar.  The drive took me about 4.5 to 5 hours to make. I was tired and ready to get home. It was a completely dark, moonless night. ByContinue reading “Blog Post # 12: Narrow Escape: Dangerous Driving”

Blog Post # 8: Narrow Escape: Copperhead!

My husband and I were living in a ranger cabin in the middle of a national forest, doing biological research. One day he caught a copperhead snake. We promptly put it in the tall garbage can, with no lid, because, as everyone knows, poisonous snakes don’t have strong muscles. This is because poisonous snakes useContinue reading “Blog Post # 8: Narrow Escape: Copperhead!”

Blog Post #6: Lessons Learned From A Narrow Escape At The Post Office

It was after business hours, about 7:00 pm. I was on my way to my computer users group meeting, and I wanted to stop by the Post Office and mail the stack of our wedding invitations. It was January 1988. There weren’t many folks there at the Main Post Office. I had to finish addressingContinue reading “Blog Post #6: Lessons Learned From A Narrow Escape At The Post Office”