Blog Post # 10: Mom And Interrupters

My Mom and I regularly wrote emails back and forth, beginning with Compuserve many years ago. We later moved on to AOL. 

When we adopted a deaf child, Mom learned sign language with no hesitation, so she could come into his world. 

And she loved watching interpreters, or, as she called them, “interrupters”.

I know one of the goals of interpreters is to interrupt the proceedings as little as possible, while smoothing out and facilitating communication as much as possible. 

I want to share the following email about interpreters Mom sent to me. I am copying and pasting it here exactly as she sent it to me. I thought you might enjoy a chuckle today. 

“Donna, I went to the play, Saturday Night Fever: yesterday afternoon. It was good, but even better they had interrupters, a husband and wife. He did a great job and I tended to watch the interrupters rather than the actors. And where our seats were it was easy to see them. I even signed to them when the play was over. ‘Good job on interrupting.’ And that my daughter was an interrupter.”

I still laugh every time I read this.  And remember — this was long before we could blame our words on an overzealous automatic spell checker. Oh I miss my precious Mom so much, every day!

LESSON LEARNED: The minor errors we are so afraid will make us look stupid may instead become someone else’s precious memory.

LESSON LEARNED:  Save funny things that happen with loved ones, so that one day I can look back, remember and smile.

LESSON LEARNED: Tell my precious loved ones how much they mean to me and how much I love them, now, while I have the chance, before they go to heaven.

LESSON LEARNED:  Some mistakes make funny stories.

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