Blog Post # 30: Remembering My First Birthday Without My Mom

A Birthday Poem Do you enjoy birthdays? One of my favorite parts is logging onto Facebook to find so many Happy Birthday Wishes. Whether from posts, replies to birthday posts, or private messages,  it’s a great way to enjoy my day! Every year I am also reminded of my birthday in 2003.  It was aContinue reading “Blog Post # 30: Remembering My First Birthday Without My Mom”

Blog Post # 10: Mom And Interrupters

My Mom and I regularly wrote emails back and forth, beginning with Compuserve many years ago. We later moved on to AOL.  When we adopted a deaf child, Mom learned sign language with no hesitation, so she could come into his world.  And she loved watching interpreters, or, as she called them, “interrupters”. I knowContinue reading “Blog Post # 10: Mom And Interrupters”