Blog Post # 26: On Turning 64

Beatles, Bad Eyes and Benchmarks

I’m now a couple of years farther along life’s path, but I well remember the magical age of 64! It is the milestone reached from the Beatles’ song, “When I’m Sixty-Four”.  The age where I could say “I am a million years old!” — at least in binary. Retirement appeared near on the horizon, and I was only 2 years from being able to claim full retirement for Social Security.  Another milestone? Every decade I marked by singing lyrics from the Neil Young song, “Old Man”, every ten years replacing the phrase “24 and there’s so much more” with “34 …”, “44 …”, “54 ….” and now, “64 and there’s so much more”.

At 64, I thought I was looking so good. Really, I was sure anyone looking at me would think I was in my 40s, and not 64. No wrinkles! Smooth beautiful skin. Great Ash-Blonde hair. 

Then the moment came when I found myself in good light, with a close up mirror while wearing my reading glasses. Oh My Gosh, PLENTY of wrinkles on my face. AND … were those some BLACKHEADS?  Good grief.  AND … what are those WHISKERS doing THERE??? AND, were my beautiful ash-blond hairs actually a yucky ugly shade of yellow? 

ALAS. It was my failing eyesight, plus my loving husband’s regular compliments, that had made me think I was so young looking. 

LESSON LEARNED:  To see the truth in the mirror, wear reading glasses! Or maybe not… 😉

LESSON LEARNED: Wash and moisturize my face every day, with a good moisturizer and a good washing technique.

LESSON LEARNED: Shave off my whiskers!

LESSON LEARNED: If I’m going to compare myself to a benchmark, use the right one. I may no longer look 40, but I’m doing pretty good for 67!

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