Blog Post # 25: Adventures Wandering The Streets Of Romania

Still in Romania, Part 2/2

Today’s post continues last Friday’s telling of the adventures we had in Romania after I took Alexandru out of the orphanage.  

Everyday, around 3:15 pm, lovely, haunting music played somewhere outside of the apartment. It was the same tune, every day.  I couldn’t find where it was coming from, it was like magic.  Today, I could not sing the tune but I sure would recognize it if I heard it again. Alas, after I left Romania, I never heard it again.

One time out walking we got lost (again). I finally saw a cab and thought my day was saved. We approached the cab and said our apartment address. The cab driver just shook his head and shrugged like he didn’t know.  I was starting to panic when three young ladies (aka angels) walked by and said in English, “Where are you trying to go?”  I told them the apartment address and they very kindly explained the directions to get back.

Another time we were trying to find our way back to the apartment when suddenly all these guards bristled around us. Evidently we had walked down a street that led into some kind of secure area. Apologizing, we backed away. They stood menacing and stern, saying not a word.

One day on the bus, a guard entered and walked down the aisle. Stopping at random people, he would speak to them and they would show him something. When he came to me and Alexandru, I panicked. Desperately I started saying, “I’m so sorry, I left my passport back in the apartment.”  He clearly got madder and I grew even more panicked. Finally another passenger halfway down the bus lifted his voice and told me in English, “he wants your bus ticket”.  Oh.  Sheepishly I pulled our bus tickets from my pocket and showed him. He scowled in disgust and walked on.

The apartment we were staying in was built in the communist days and looked like so many other apartments around. That sameness led to another adventure where we came back to the apartment, and my key wouldn’t work. My key would insert but it wouldn’t turn. I looked up and down the hall and yes, it was the correct apartment number. So I kept trying until a big scary guy opened the door and I could see inside. Apologizing profusely I backed us away while, like those guards, the big guy just stood looking menacing, never saying a word.

It was not our apartment. I had the wrong building.

Finally, our Romanian adventures came to an end on the day that Alexandru, Patrick and I boarded the plane that took us across the ocean, to our home and the rest of our family. That brought us to new adventures. But that’s another story …

LESSON LEARNED:  Since I so easily get lost and turned around, have a better strategy for finding my way in a strange place.  Nowadays it would be easier with cell phone and GPS.

LESSON LEARNED:  The multi-lingual Romanians inspired and saved me; in consternation I realized I should have gone to the trouble of learning at least a little Romanian.

LESSON LEARNED:  Next time I must spend time in a country with a different language, bring recordings of useful phrases with me at all times, so at least I can communicate a little bit.

LESSON LEARNED:  If someone official is demanding in an unknown language I show them something on the bus, a good first guess might be my bus ticket.

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