Blog Post # 57: Signs and Cues Live!

I have exciting news! I’ve been working for TWO YEARS on a sign language and Cued Speech dictionary app. This week, I launched it. FiNALLY!  You can find it in the iPad and iPhone App Store, under the name “Signs and Cues”. It’s actually 3 dictionaries in the one app: Sign Language, Cued Speech, andContinue reading “Blog Post # 57: Signs and Cues Live!”

Blog Post # 49: Raising Alexandru, Part 5

“Independent Alexandru”: Childhood Weaknesses In my last post I talked about Alexandru’s childhood strengths. (Blog Post # 48:  Raising Alexandru, Part 4 ).  But as you might expect, there were also weaknesses. I was always trying to figure out ways to help him balance the two, using his strengths to develop his weak areas.  ForContinue reading “Blog Post # 49: Raising Alexandru, Part 5”

Blog Post #2: How I Fell in Love with Cued Speech

About the time our deaf son was 4 or 5, a wonderful woman came into our lives.  I was in awe of Stevie Fenton, she seemed to know every thing deaf related.  I was overjoyed when she agreed to work with our son for a few hours a week.  They connected right away and heContinue reading “Blog Post #2: How I Fell in Love with Cued Speech”