Blog Post # 24: Still in Romania: Museums, Metallurgy and Dracula’s Umbrellas

Still in Romania, Part 1/2 Once I had taken our son out of the orphanage, we still couldn’t go home. We had to wait a couple of weeks for the last things to be done, like getting him a passport and getting some final paperwork through the system. So during those two weeks we livedContinue reading “Blog Post # 24: Still in Romania: Museums, Metallurgy and Dracula’s Umbrellas”

Blog Post # 23: Our Family Is Complete!

Waiting for Mom and Dad, Part 2 In Part 1, Blog Post # 22:  An Orphanage Story, we left Alexandru, waiting and watching for his own parents to come get him. When he was  2 and 1/2 years old, suddenly potential parents started visiting him! They were very nice, and he always hoped they wouldContinue reading “Blog Post # 23: Our Family Is Complete!”

Blog Post # 22: An Orphanage Story

Waiting for Mom and Dad, Part 1 Here is the beginning of how we completed our family! In a small Romanian village, on an auspicious day in the middle of January, 1993, a child was conceived.   (Amazingly enough, at that same time, in Tallahassee, Florida I fell in love with sign language. (Blog PostContinue reading “Blog Post # 22: An Orphanage Story”