Blog Post # 58: More Favorite Sayins’

A few weeks ago in Blog Post # 53 I shared some of our family’s favorite sayins’ I grew up with. Then I asked you what your favorite sayins’ are. Here are the results (so far)! From Deborah Gateley: More Dad’s (L.D. Gateley) Sayins’ “You’re getting too big for your britches!” (You’re over confident, thinkingContinue reading “Blog Post # 58: More Favorite Sayins’”

Blog Post # 56: My Mom: Miriam Elizabeth Hall Gateley, Part 9 – Cars

Note 1: I’m going to do another “Sayins’” post soon, with the favorite sayins’ my awesome readers have been sending to me.  So if you think of any more I can include please send to me! Note 2: I’ve been spending my time preparing to publish a new App: “Signs and Cues”. It is likeContinue reading “Blog Post # 56: My Mom: Miriam Elizabeth Hall Gateley, Part 9 – Cars”

Blog Post # 55: Harry Stories, Crazy Days

When I was 18, I had a boyfriend named Harry. He was a big man, and kind of scary looking, but he had a heart of gold and really was a gentle giant. He was very kind, and very soft-spoken. He also was a talented carpenter. He built a desk for me and a cabinetContinue reading “Blog Post # 55: Harry Stories, Crazy Days”

Blog Post # 54: Using My Stubbornness

Recently I asked my husband and my sister Deb to tell me what they saw as my characteristics. I found it very interesting that they both included “stubbornness” in the lists they gave me.  Thinking about it, I not only agreed with them, but it reminded me how that trait was the driving force behindContinue reading “Blog Post # 54: Using My Stubbornness”

Blog Post # 53: Family Sayins’ I Grew Up With

I just sent a sympathy card to a friend. The heart-felt words suggested were “Memory of those we love stays in our hearts forever.” So true! I have lots of memories of those I love that are now in heaven.  One way I remember them is when some situation leads me to hear one ofContinue reading “Blog Post # 53: Family Sayins’ I Grew Up With”

Blog Post # 51: Look Back and Laugh

Some memories may certainly be difficult or painful. Isn’t it great that they can often be balanced with those that only bring a smile, if not outright laughter!  Here are a couple of mine that definitely fit the latter category.     Squash Salad One summer while I was in college, my little sister ElizabethContinue reading “Blog Post # 51: Look Back and Laugh”

Blog Post # 49: Raising Alexandru, Part 5

“Independent Alexandru”: Childhood Weaknesses In my last post I talked about Alexandru’s childhood strengths. (Blog Post # 48:  Raising Alexandru, Part 4 ).  But as you might expect, there were also weaknesses. I was always trying to figure out ways to help him balance the two, using his strengths to develop his weak areas.  ForContinue reading “Blog Post # 49: Raising Alexandru, Part 5”

Blog Post # 48: Raising Alexandru, Part 4

“Independent Alexandru”: Childhood Strengths Our goal has always been to help Alexandru be as independent as possible. Despite his multiple challenges, as a child, he showed many behaviors that showed promise of acting independently. For example, it seemed he had no trouble communicating basic needs non-verbally when he was sufficiently motivated, as in the followingContinue reading “Blog Post # 48: Raising Alexandru, Part 4”

Blog Post # 47: Raising Alexandru, Part 3

As I wrote about in my previous “Raising Alexandru” posts, Part 1 and Part 2, mothering a multiple-challenged child comes with a multitude of hurdles, sometimes with a simultaneous moment of humor. There were also times of breakthrough worthy of celebration. Here are a few more of each. Cows are cool! Puppies, not so much.Continue reading “Blog Post # 47: Raising Alexandru, Part 3”

Blog Post # 46: Raising Alexandru, Part 2

In Blog Post # 44:  Raising Alexandru, Part 1, I related several of our adventures while raising Alexandru, starting with bringing him home from the orphanage. During that time we were constantly learning more about him, including a diagnosis of Autism and ADD and the challenges and behaviors that often accompany those parts of hisContinue reading “Blog Post # 46: Raising Alexandru, Part 2”