Blog Post #7: “Holding” to Help Our Special Needs Son

Today I’m going to talk about how I used “Holding” with our special needs son, when he was 4 – 7 years old.   BACKGROUND:  I explained some of his background before in my blog post “A Young Child with a 2 “Word” Vocabulary”.   He grew up in  a Romanian orphanage until we broughtContinue reading “Blog Post #7: “Holding” to Help Our Special Needs Son”

Blog Post #2: How I Fell in Love with Cued Speech

About the time our deaf son was 4 or 5, a wonderful woman came into our lives.  I was in awe of Stevie Fenton, she seemed to know every thing deaf related.  I was overjoyed when she agreed to work with our son for a few hours a week.  They connected right away and heContinue reading “Blog Post #2: How I Fell in Love with Cued Speech”