Blog Post # 20: Our Son, The Clown

Family Stories This is about our youngest son, who was six years old when this story takes place. Our son happens to be Deaf.  He also happens to hate cigarette smoke.  He and I had just finished doing our grocery shopping at the Food Lion. We started to walk to our car. Then I noticed,Continue reading “Blog Post # 20: Our Son, The Clown”

Blog Post #7: “Holding” to Help Our Special Needs Son

Today I’m going to talk about how I used “Holding” with our special needs son, when he was 4 – 7 years old.   BACKGROUND:  I explained some of his background before in my blog post “A Young Child with a 2 “Word” Vocabulary”.   He grew up in  a Romanian orphanage until we broughtContinue reading “Blog Post #7: “Holding” to Help Our Special Needs Son”

Blog Post #4: A Young Child with a 2 “Word” Vocabulary

Here is the story of how our youngest son came into our lives with a vocabulary of 2 words.   Our youngest son spent the first 3 years and 11 months of his life in an orphanage in Bucharest, Romania. He was the only deaf baby among 500 children in the orphanage. The care-givers gaveContinue reading “Blog Post #4: A Young Child with a 2 “Word” Vocabulary”

Blog Post #2: How I Fell in Love with Cued Speech

About the time our deaf son was 4 or 5, a wonderful woman came into our lives.  I was in awe of Stevie Fenton, she seemed to know every thing deaf related.  I was overjoyed when she agreed to work with our son for a few hours a week.  They connected right away and heContinue reading “Blog Post #2: How I Fell in Love with Cued Speech”