Blog Post # 20: Our Son, The Clown

Family Stories This is about our youngest son, who was six years old when this story takes place. Our son happens to be Deaf.  He also happens to hate cigarette smoke.  He and I had just finished doing our grocery shopping at the Food Lion. We started to walk to our car. Then I noticed,Continue reading “Blog Post # 20: Our Son, The Clown”

Blog Post # 16: Dying Of Embarrassment, Literally!

Embarrassing Moments I was in 12th grade typing class when I excused myself to go to the bathroom.  I happened to be sucking on a hard candy. While I was washing my hands, I managed to suck the candy into my windpipe. Suddenly I couldn’t breath! I stood there at the sink, trying cough theContinue reading “Blog Post # 16: Dying Of Embarrassment, Literally!”

Blog Post # 9: Asserting Myself

Learning To Not Always Run Away For years, I had only one option when facing conflict: run away. This is not always a bad solution, but I also knew sometimes it would have been much better to stand up for myself. Going to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), I learned the importance of choosing theContinue reading “Blog Post # 9: Asserting Myself”