Blog Post # 33: My Mom: Miriam Elizabeth Hall Gateley, 2 – 1st thru 8th Grades

Mom’s 1st thru 8th Grades Welcome to Part 2 of my Mom’s life.  As Part 1 was from her birth thru 1st grade (last week’s blog post, ), Part 2 will continue her story from 2nd to 8th grade. (Note to family members: Please let me know if you remember something differently or somethingContinue reading “Blog Post # 33: My Mom: Miriam Elizabeth Hall Gateley, 2 – 1st thru 8th Grades”

Blog Post # 31: Suicide! In Memory of My Great-niece Mia

Why do people self destruct? My great-niece Mia was beautiful, talented, kind, generous and smart. Last week she took her own life.  She was 22 years old. Why do people self destruct?  Grief? Rage? Depression? Stress? Brain damage? Anxiety? No more optimism? No more hope? To end unbearable pain? Mental illness? Whatever the reasons, myContinue reading “Blog Post # 31: Suicide! In Memory of My Great-niece Mia”

Blog Post # 30: Remembering My First Birthday Without My Mom

A Birthday Poem Do you enjoy birthdays? One of my favorite parts is logging onto Facebook to find so many Happy Birthday Wishes. Whether from posts, replies to birthday posts, or private messages,  it’s a great way to enjoy my day! Every year I am also reminded of my birthday in 2003.  It was aContinue reading “Blog Post # 30: Remembering My First Birthday Without My Mom”

Blog Post # 29: Scammed — The Rest of the Story

Learning the hard way to recognize a scammer This is the rest of the story (I posted the beginning on May 15, 2020, Blog Post #3 – Is It Ever Okay To Be Scammed?) of how our adult, special-needs, vulnerable son got scammed. From January to August of 2020, our son was sending a scammerContinue reading “Blog Post # 29: Scammed — The Rest of the Story”

Blog Post # 28: Another Angel Story

Riots in the Streets, Angel to the Rescue On March 3, 1991, Rodney King, a black man, was beaten by Los Angeles Police Department officers after a high-speed chase during his arrest for drunk driving. A civilian filmed the incident and sent the video to a local news station. The video showed an unarmed KingContinue reading “Blog Post # 28: Another Angel Story”

Blog Post # 27: Miracles and Angels

Rescued by an Angel in a Police Uniform I had worked all day, then picked up my Deaf son (about 8 years old at the time) from his school bus.  I was exhausted, but needed to stop at the grocery on the way home. As we exited the store, a stranger was evidently waiting forContinue reading “Blog Post # 27: Miracles and Angels”

Blog Post # 26: On Turning 64

Beatles, Bad Eyes and Benchmarks I’m now a couple of years farther along life’s path, but I well remember the magical age of 64! It is the milestone reached from the Beatles’ song, “When I’m Sixty-Four”.  The age where I could say “I am a million years old!” — at least in binary. Retirement appearedContinue reading “Blog Post # 26: On Turning 64”

Blog Post # 25: Adventures Wandering The Streets Of Romania

Still in Romania, Part 2/2 Today’s post continues last Friday’s telling of the adventures we had in Romania after I took Alexandru out of the orphanage.   Everyday, around 3:15 pm, lovely, haunting music played somewhere outside of the apartment. It was the same tune, every day.  I couldn’t find where it was coming from,Continue reading “Blog Post # 25: Adventures Wandering The Streets Of Romania”

Blog Post # 24: Still in Romania: Museums, Metallurgy and Dracula’s Umbrellas

Still in Romania, Part 1/2 Once I had taken our son out of the orphanage, we still couldn’t go home. We had to wait a couple of weeks for the last things to be done, like getting him a passport and getting some final paperwork through the system. So during those two weeks we livedContinue reading “Blog Post # 24: Still in Romania: Museums, Metallurgy and Dracula’s Umbrellas”

Blog Post # 23: Our Family Is Complete!

Waiting for Mom and Dad, Part 2 In Part 1, Blog Post # 22:  An Orphanage Story, we left Alexandru, waiting and watching for his own parents to come get him. When he was  2 and 1/2 years old, suddenly potential parents started visiting him! They were very nice, and he always hoped they wouldContinue reading “Blog Post # 23: Our Family Is Complete!”